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Issues On My Mind

I had an email discussion with a friend tonight. We talked about our love of Salt Lake City and some of the issues facing the city. Here’s a piece of my take on it.

  • Population Growth: Faced with enormous population growth in the region over the coming few decades, we will have many important decisions to make that will affect the character and quality of our neighborhoods in Salt Lake City.  I will represent the values of our district by working to preserve and foster more vibrant, safe, and walkable neighborhoods with strong, local businesses and access to public transportation.
  • Transit: I will prioritize creation of a citywide master transit plan to assist residents and local businesses in their ability to join the discussion early on to address concerns and build local support for usable transit that will be an asset to the community as a whole.
  • Air Quality: Clean air should be as basic as clean water and safe food.  Air Quality is not an environmentalist’s issue–it should be of everyone’s concern.  I have been a advocate for air quality for many years organizing volunteers and grassroots campaigns, teaching air quality science in K-12 schools and classrooms, have run successful air quality legislation, worked as a policy advisors and in many other capacities to improve the air we breathe.
  • Local Business: Supporting local business is crucial to creating and sustaining vibrant neighborhoods as well as strengthening our local economy. I will support local businesses as a key facet of District 5.
  • Equality: The diversity we have in Salt Lake City is is one of the greatest strengths of our community.  This ‘diversity’ includes our longtime residents, refugees, racial and ethnic minorities, LGBTQ community members, and many more.  I believe that by working with respect and openness toward all, we can achieve greater equality.

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